A man of few words, so this won't take much. Born and bred American, or Yank, as my wife calls me. I married Alice in 2016, never thinking we'd find ourselves here in NZ. I spent 3 months with her in NZ and fell in love with the beach, good coffees and an incredible culture. I knew we needed to move here. 

I farmed for the last 15 years. I'm used to a bit of heavy lifting and logistics but I never thought it would lead to velvet chesterfields. But I'm here, in a beautiful land with down to earth people and it's great. Flock is kiwi to it's core, despite my foreign roots. But it also reminds me of home, my family always gathering in the lounge, always laughing on their large corner couch. So it's a bit of home, a bit of New Zealand and a great place to just be. I hope you enjoy our furniture. I believe we create a space where memories are made. A space to meet new people, to laugh without being told to be quiet and to relax. I'm alright with that. 


meet Kristopher


I am one of 7 kids, born and raised on a corn, wheat, soybean and sugar beet farm. I spent 15 years of my life fixing machinery, driving tractors and combines, and working the land.



When I first visited Aotearoa, I loved it straight away. Everyone was down to earth, it was a slower lifestyle and it had the beach within biking distance. I was instantly sold.



I noticed that NZ didn't have the "lounge" scene I was used to in the USA. When we visited, I knew I wanted to change professions and bring a more unique gathering experience to Hawke's Bay, and in turn, the North Island.