We are Kris & Allie - husband and wife - a team better together. A kiwi (A) and a yank (K), we met while Allie was studying classical music in North America. Kristopher was a soybean, maize and sugar beet farmer his whole life. After meeting, getting engaged and married within 7 months, we began our life together farming in Minnesota, USA.

Alice started an events floral business in the States alongside her sister-in-law. It quickly became a love and passion, Kristopher helping out on weekends, or creating florals on shoots.

We moved to New Zealand in July 2018. We knew we wanted to work together. We believe it strengthens our marriage and genuinely believe we can tackle anything together. Flock was born out of a love for gathering. We both love our house to be open, both our mother's had open homes. We wanted to create the warmth of a lounge gathering at events and weddings. Here we are. Making the gathering experience better by way of tables, chairs and lounges.

K & A

meet Kristopher & Alice


Kris is one of 7 kids, born and raised on a corn, wheat, soybean and sugar beet farm. He spent 15 years of my life fixing machinery, driving tractors and combines, and working the land.

Alice is a born and bred Hawke's Bay girl. She is one of 2 siblings, all her family living in New Zealand. 



When Kris first visited Aotearoa, he loved it straight away. We knew we could move here, start a business and a family. We love being close to beaches, exploring local coffee shops and travelling the country in the Flock VW.



We noticed that NZ didn't have the "lounge" scene we were used to in the USA. When we visited, we knew we wanted to change professions and bring a more unique gathering experience to Hawke's Bay, and in turn, the North Island.